Compuspec Industries Ltd. was founded by long time friends and entrepreneurs, Mark Eaton and Brett Caulton. Both have fostered the "Can Do" culture within the company. While Compuspec is experiencing considerable growth, Brett and Mark continue to keep their hands on approach in working with staff, customers, suppliers and the electronics community. Compuspec Industries Ltd is a well established private company which, since its incorporation in 1982, has established itself as a leading developer of electronic hardware and software for telecommunications.

Our strength is in incorporating new technology into innovative solutions, delivering high performance products within short development and manufacturing lead time. Over the years Compuspec has been involved in many successful development projects including co-developing modems with IBM, satellite video systems for hotels, ABS testing systems for the Ford Motor Company, and high performance engine management systems for Daihatsu. Compuspec has also established a solid reputation for industrial modems for specialist markets including petrochemical, EFTPOS, meteorology and multi-media.

In 1992 Compuspec developed their first network access device (dialler) for Clear Communications in New Zealand. While competitors believed it would take several years, Compuspec's design team, led by Brett Caulton and Mark Eaton provided Clear with working prototypes within two months of the tender documents being released. The product was the forerunner to the V5 dialler, which launched Compuspec into global export markets.

When approached to design a solid state LED industrial light for the Canadian market in 2009, it was only 3 months when the first light fixture was sent for approval and 4 months later the first production units were shipped.