Compuspec careers come in all shapes and sizes; just like the staff who fill them. We pick the best from all over the world to come and work in our vibrant environment. Diversity feeds creativity.

Personal growth is a necessity at Compuspec. We have enjoyed witnessing the growth of many staff members through the promotion of personal career objectives while incorporating company requirements. Staff have the freedom to find out what they enjoy most and are encouraged to develop their potential while adding depth and diversity to the company skill base.

Compuspec is a privately owned company where there is still time for the caring touch. As the company experiences sustained growth, there is always a focus on recruiting 'character over qualification'. On this, we stand proud. The dynamics of our team at Compuspec make working with others the focus. This dynamic is actively fostered at the beach, on the go kart track, or at one of the many company bar-b-ques.

Should you be a candidate for a career at Compuspec, you will most likely be introduced to not only the Human Resources and Departmental Managers but also your potential peers. Peers play a big part in the way teams work together so they also play a big part in our recruitment process. Because we have a unique culture, we are fully aware that it is integral that the successful applicant is as excited about joining our company as we are about hiring them.

There is nothing like living and working in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud. The lifestyle opportunities are almost endless. You can spend the weekend climbing a volcano or lazing by the beach. It is your choice because New Zealand has so much to offer everyone.