At Compuspec, we pride ourselves on using advanced manufacturing with tight quality control techniques to ensure fast delivery of reliable product.

As all our products are made to order, we concentrate considerable effort on our manufacturing capabilities. Product customisation is our speciality. Our in-house manufacturing plant gives us the ability to fulfil customer specific requirements with precision while still maintaining a very short 'order to ship' lead-time. We offer rapid production delivery, meeting your requirements so that you can meet your market demands.

We also offer several logistics options that are flexible and tailored around the needs of each individual customer. Unlike some other companies, we do not subcontract our manufacturing to unskilled labour sources in third world countries or mass produce bulk orders that force customers to take large stock orders at one time.

Quality assurance is a key differentiator for Compuspec and is completely under our control. Because we manufacture in-house, our quality team is able to oversee every process in the manufacturing chain to verify high quality standards are maintained and identify new efficiencies for the future. The current 'out of the box' failure rates for our products is 0.01%. Compuspec is continually monitoring both the electronics manufacturing industry and it's own manufacturing systems for ways to increase the level of quality in its products and systems.

In-house manufacturing gives Compuspec the ability to be cost effective in its manufacturing. Our factory is highly automated and operates on a Just In Time (JIT) system, taking away many opportunities for human error and giving us the ability to maximise cost efficiency.