Compuspec provides turnkey solutions for service providers or those wanting to offer telecommunications services as an additional benefit to their customers. We can provide the total package, or where you have a specific gap in your offering, we can provide a service solution to compliment your existing valued added services.

Our focus is to help you achieve your business goals of adding value to your customer relationships. This value can be realised in revenue or increased customer loyalty. Your ability to add value and translate that value into real worth can be effected by many factors. Even though you want to increase the value of your customer relationships, your current core business may not be value added services and the associated complications that are involved with offering them. This is where a Compuspec turnkey solution is perfect.

Compuspec turnkey solutions can include such elements as Implementation, Integration, Logistics, Reporting & Analysis, Installation Support, Billing Systems, and Customer Service Help Desk.

With a Compuspec solution, you get the benefit of over 20 years of experience. Having been involved in the implementation and ongoing success of many solutions around the world, we are your best source of information regarding value added service offerings.