Light without compromise

As lighting evolved from oil lamp and gas to incandescent, fluorescent and beyond, each new innovation brought with it compromises. Brightness. Responsiveness. Efficiency. Safety. Durability.

Compuspec LED is the synthesis of lighting technology. Our products use up to 90% less energy than today’s most economical industrial lighting. Unlike harsh fluorescent, metal halide and high pressure sodium lighting, our fixtures produce true light with 90% of the sun's visible spectrum, showing life at its finest.

All Compuspec LED products are fully guaranteed with a 7-year warranty – the industry's best. Compuspec LED is blazing the trail for this new technology that is becoming the standard for lighting.

Solid State brilliance

From street fixtures and factory facilities, to office buildings and retail centres, LED fixtures are readily engineered to serve in applications once served by fluorescent, high pressure sodium, and metal halide in high bay/low bay light fixtures.

Since initial development in the 1960s, the LED – or Light Emitting Diode – has grown in brightness and spectrum. Recent advancements now offer technology that casts brilliant light equivalent to 90% of sunlight, with unparalleled energy efficiency.

Our versatile LED lighting fixtures offers technological benefits that simply cannot be matched by other lighting solutions.

  • Brightness – Brilliant, dimmable light with 90% of full sunlight spectrum.
  • Responsiveness – Instantaneous on/off – no warm up.
  • Efficiency – Up to 90% more efficient than conventional lighting.
  • Safety – Cool operating; no toxic materials such as mercury or lead. RoHS compliant.
  • Durability - Solid-state construction. 75,000 hour lifespan with slow failure at end-of-life.