Often products are built to fix an obvious problem or need. Given the dynamics of technology, Compuspec looks beyond the product that meets the obvious need and provides solutions encompassing not only what may be needed but also what might be possible.

Products can become outdated and obsolete. A fully monitored and continually evolving Compuspec solution will not.

Compuspec explores various means of adding value the solutions they provide. This added value can translate into added or saved revenue.

The components of the solutions that we provide can vary throughout the lifecycle of service providers' needs or opportunities.

For the telecommunication sector, a key area of focus might start off being acquisition of new customers to establish a solid customer base. The focus might then shift to customer retention of an existing customer base. Eventually, the key focus might shift again to adding value through increased services. Regardless of an alternative service provider's position within their lifecycle, Compuspec can always add value.

While the lighting sector may begin with task lighting an area, it can evolve to include monitoring of environmental conditions (such as temperature in a cool store), to power usage, flow control or any other process monitoring, making use of the integrated network that becomes instantly available on installation of the lighting system.