At Compuspec we are keen to assist local and international innovators to deliver leading technology onto the world stage. We aim to deliver a manufacturing partnership that provides you the benefits of an in-house manufacturing operation, but with the risk reduction and efficiency associated with contracting.

    Things we know:
  • Managing the quality and cost of manufacturing is high on the list of priorities for small, design-focused companies looking to make an impact in their chosen market.
  • Compuspec assists companies to achieve their dream of exporting their technology by using our expertise to deliver up-to-date manufacturing solutions while focusing on improving efficiencies and driving your costs down.
  • We have a team of engineers passionate about solving design problems, both in terms of product performance and manufacturability.
  • We are an honest, hardworking team and pride ourselves in our determination to do everything we can to meet our customers' needs.
  • We understand your intellectual property is at the core of your business and will be fiercely protected.
  • We are the most flexible and responsive manufacturing solution you will find.
  • We like to challenge assumptions.

If you haven't challenged your manufacturing assumptions lately, give us a call and arrange an informal tour of our factory and introduction to our team. We are happy to throw around some ideas so you can get a feel for the opportunities that having Compuspec as a manufacturing and/or design partner may offer.