Flexibility is a state of mind at Compuspec. As the nature of the telecoms industry worldwide is in constant change, we must be flexible to help you take advantage of the changing markets and technologies. Our flexibility is your competitive advantage.

Dynamic Products

Compuspec products are built on platforms specifically designed to be flexible. We expect and thrive on change and actively look to use our existing ideas, platforms, and products to provide new and dynamic solutions.

Flexible Lead Times

With 100% in-house manufacturing, Compuspec can fulfill product manufacturing needs quickly and efficiently. Commercial and logistic options are often available to facilitate the implementation of solutions in a timely manner.

Custom Branding

As each product is individually manufactured with the customer in mind, customisation of case colour, size, and shape is always possible. Company logos are often placed on products to enhance brand recognition of the alternative service provider and support other marketing initiatives.

Custom Engineering

Each Compuspec Solution may have different objectives to meet and different ways to meet them. The products that we manufacture are engineered on a solution by solution basis. We have a core range of hardware and software products built on flexible technology platforms that allow us to meet technical requirements head on with every new solution we provide.