Compuspec products make up Compuspec solutions. We work hard on delivering the best solutions to our customers and thus offer the best products. Compuspec manufactures and offers a range of products for a number of different applications.

The telecommunication industry has diverse applications that can vary greatly, from analysing and improving customer retention rates, to adding a number of new services to a service provider's portfolio.

While the industrial and architectural lighting industries are not only about illuminating an area but also providing the correct amount of light, quality of light and colour temperature; with the best power saving options and controls.

With these varying applications in mind, Compuspec is constantly working on product enhancements and variations that provide the best fit for the application on hand, always on the lookout for the best technology to suit the application.

Because Compuspec designs and manufactures its own products, customisation for individual needs is more the rule than the exception. The design team have the ability to bring together several existing product components into one customised product in a short design cycle.

Compuspec's world leading products have proved to be a strong product range over time, successes in this area have been the catalyst for further expansion into the business of providing value adding solutions to their customers.