Panel dimensions   Maximum panel dimensions of 400mm x 250mm.
Panel should have a minimum of 3mm clearance along the
X axis to allow for travel on the conveyor.
Panel Fiducials/BOC Markers   At least 2, preferably 3 fiducials per panel, located at opposite corners of the panel.
The fiducials should not be covered by any solder mask, and should be HAL/Ag/Au finished.
Fiducial Specifications   Shape: round
Size: 2mm diameter
Clearance: 1mm
Tooling Holes   Although almost any size tooling holes are acceptable, at Compuspec our preference is 4mm diameter.
Solder Paste Stencil   We have options of using either a 20" QuickFrame stencil or a 29" Framed Stencil. The location of the panel apertures should be in the middle of the stencil, it is sometimes possible to place 2 artworks on the same stencil, or top and bottom artworks (20" QuickFrame).
The 29" Framed stencil should have fiducials half etched on the non-squeegee side of the PCB.