(This version is now obsolete)

Total monitoring

CDR DiallerThe CDR provides seamless and complete monitoring of call details on a single analogue line. Data on both incoming and outgoing calls is stored, collated and reported to Compuspec's central Dialler Management Platform.

Plenty of memory

The CDR uses onboard flash memory to store call details. Because this memory is non-volatile, it will not be lost if the power is disconnected. The size of the onboard memory can be customised to fit each application

Stand alone or with dialler functionality

Much of the technology that goes into Compuspec's dialler products is also found in the CDR. Accordingly, the CDR can also include many of the call routing features of Compuspec's V series of products. Because of this, value added and routing services can be added to call detail recording services to provide a totals services solution.

Convenient Case

The CDR is one of the smallest call detail recorders on the market. While customised casing options are available, the rack mountable rectangular sloping case is the most popular casing option due to its robust construction and practical design.


  • Line Powered
  • Company Branding on Case
  • Ring Cadence Detection
  • Electronic Serial Number
  • Remotely Programmable
  • Easy Installation
  • Tone & Pulse Recognition
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Serial Port
  • Extra Large Memory Capacity
  • Accepts AC Power
  • Low Current Consumption

Services with V6 Functionality

  • Prefix Insertion
  • Exchange Services
  • Selective Call Blocking
  • Message Alerting
  • PBX Features
  • True Least Cost Routing
  • Digital Messaging
  • Information Conduits
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Web Interaction
  • WAP Interaction
  • Call Detail Recording