Often, many of our clients have core businesses that do not include the shipping of physical equipment directly to customers. To take on such a function when it is not within your core competencies can be both dangerous and costly.

Compuspec has full logistics facilities in many countries around the world. We track individual units from the factory floor straight through to the installation point by the end customer and can pinpoint the location anywhere in the supply chain. Stocking and shipping is done using a system of replenishing stock as it is used. This eliminates the need for large bulk orders and ensures that appropriate stock levels are maintained at all times.

Any units received back into stock are put through a comprehensive check locally, and either re-released back into the market or shipped back to Compuspec for further testing or refurbishment.

By integrating the Logistics function with the DMP software suite, reports are generated indicating uptake rates, units that have been delivered but not yet installed, and units installed in each customer location.