ZIPPY Technology is Compuspec's patented digit cancelling technology that makes the control and management of telecoms services faster and more reliable.

Most other solutions for cancelling dialled digits involve breaking the line and re-establishing a connection once the dialling sequence has been completed. Not only does this present technical challenges in some instances but it is also not legal to do so in many countries.

ZIPPY Technology maintains the connection throughout the dialling sequence and never breaks the line. Instead, while the user is dialling, it listens for the digits dialled and 'cancels' them so that nothing is actually heard by the exchange. It then dials the appropriate digits, often while the user is still dialling, or lets the user continue dialling as appropriate.

ZIPPY Technology is the foundation of all Compuspec line powered products. Because the line is not broken with relays, there is less power required. This allows line power to be a sufficient and reliable power source to the unit and allows Compuspec to lead the way in line powered technology.