Common features

As part of a Compuspec solution, the V5 dialler is a powerful tool with many of the most requested features in a dialler.

Patented technology

The V5 uses patented ZIPPY technology to never break the line during the placement of a call, a failure of so many other diallers.

Hundreds of thousands supplied

The V5 has been supplied to hundreds of thousands of sites worldwide to route calls to alternative carriers, log basic call statistics, and provide a mechanism for proactive and timely customer retention systems.

Popular look

While the V5 feature set can be offered in any of Compuspec's many case options, it can traditionally be found in the rectangular sloping case for which Compuspec has become so famous.


  • Line Powered
  • Company Branding on Case
  • Capable of Being Posted
  • Electronic Serial Number
  • Auto Answer Capability
  • Wall or Desk Mountable
  • Remotely Programmable
  • Easy Installation
  • Tone and Pulse Recognition
  • Remote Diagnostics
  • Accepts AC Power
  • Low Current Consumption


  • Prefix Insertion
  • Exchange Services
  • Selective Call Blocking
  • Message Alerting
  • PBX Features
  • Web Interaction
  • WAP Interaction
  • Basic Least Cost Routing

Line powered

Requires no external power in most installations.

Company branding on case

Logos screen printed straight onto case in brilliant colour.

Capable of being posted

Case options fit through standard mail slot.

Electronic serial number

Each dialler electronically coded for tracking.

Auto answer capable

Able to answer a programming call to the V5.

Wall or desk mountable

Can sit on a desk or be wall mountable.

Programming options

Can be shipped pre-programmed.
On-site programming / re-configuration.
Remote programming using a touch tone phone or management platform.

Easy installation

No installation charges because installation is so easy, the end users can install the V5.

Tone & pulse recognition

Able to recognise and process both tone and pulse dialling modes.

Remote diagnostics

Management platform can be used remotely to highlight and correct call routing problems

Accepts AC power

Where extra power is required, the V5 can accept an AC power adapter.

Low current consumption

Allows several units to be connected on separate extensions without affecting performance.

Free DMP-Lite available on request

Dimensions (approx)   25x55x85mm
Weight   50g
Temp. Range   -20°C - +60°C
Power   Line Powered
Idle Current   25 uA
Off-Hook Voltage   4.0VDC (min)
Line Requirement   Loop Start POTS
Line Connection   RJ11 or BT
Ringer Equivalence   <0.1b
Digit Recognition   Tone & Pulse
Dialling Delay (Typical)   0 ms
Access Types   1, 2 & 3 Stage
DTMF Detection Time   Var 10-990ms
DTMF Output   Var 50-990ms
Tone Recognition   50Hz - 3KHz
Surge Protection   260V Transorb