PSTN is short for Public Switched Telephone Network, which refers to the international telephone system based on copper wires carrying analogue voice data. This system of copper wiring has been the basis for telephone services for many years.

Recently, there has been a move away from PSTN as a method of transmitting voice and now data from one point to another. Technologies like ISDN, DSL, and VOIP in the wired world and GSM and CDMA in the wireless world, have become the buzzwords of many industries. These technologies have meant increased data rates and mobility. Unfortunately, with these new technologies, comes new implementation costs and increased equipment costs.

What this move has also meant is a lack of focus on the oportunities of the PSTN network. Not everything needs to be running at a million miles per hour. A faster remote control for your television is technically possible, but would you actually notice the difference? Probably not.

At the same time as developing solutions based on new and emerging technologies, Compuspec is taking advantage of existing technology and existing infrastructure such as PSTN to offer services in ways not yet available. While others are pinning all of their hopes on what may someday be, Compuspec believes that a mix of using existing technology in a smarter way and pushing the technology envelope to produce new opportunities is the best way to build a strong future.