For almost a decade, collecting as much data as possible has been the aspiration of many management gurus. Times have now changed with the realisation that data itself is not useful, but the presentation of that data in an easily understood and timely manner can be invaluable. Accordingly, the value of the data held within the DMP is maximised when appropriate reporting and analysis of that reporting is performed.

The data collected and stored within the DMP software suite can produce a vast number of reports on customer usage, missed revenue, potential churning customers, and forward revenue projections. The key to these reports however is knowing which ones are relevant and how to appropriately act upon the data presented. In order to get the most value, Compuspec will help you design customer care and marketing strategies based on these reports, so you not only get the information, but you know how to act on it appropriately.

While Compuspec has designed a standard set of reports that are appropriate to many applications, customisation of reporting to specific requirements is a key feature of the reporting component of any Compuspec solution. Based on your key performance indicators, automated reports can be generated that easily show on track performance or highlight any areas that may need attention.