Compuspec diallers have a wide range of applications, though the functionality is similar, a little applied ingenuity can make the dialler fit the application of your choice. Some of these applications are listed below.

Satellite phone

Controlling access to satellite phone services.

Phone card access

Allow the E5 dialler to automatically route calls through a phone card service by easily programming in the service access number, account code and pin number.

Off-Hook Emergency Dialler 

Make emergency phone calls simply by taking the phone off-hook.

Off-Hook Elevator Dialler

Using a Compuspec dialler, automatically dial the service operator when the telephone handset is lifted.

Prefix Insertion

Selectively insert a service provider access number when dialling a number.

Local Area Code Insertion

Tired of dialling the extra local area code, install a dialler to do it for you and continue to dial the way you always have.

Number translation

Selectively change the number that is dialled to access other services.

Least Cost Routing

Use different service providers based on time and day of the call.

Call Detail Recording

Use a CDR dialler to record the details of all outgoing calls.

Meter Pulse generation for billing purposes

Automatically generate meter pulses.....

Selective Call Blocking

Program a dialler to prevent selected numbers or area codes from being dialled.

Alternative to PABX reprogramming

Use a dialler on the trunk side of a PABX to quickly and easily change a customers' service instead of the lengthy process of reprogramming their PABX.

Billing account code entry

Automatically enter a PIN number when accessing a remote system.