Compuspec has been built on a strong engineering focus and maintains this focus today. Throughout its evolution, Compuspec has experienced success in several different technology fields. We have used these successes to cross train and build vast experience across many disciplines. With all our products, we bring this vast diversity of skills and experience together to produce innovative products based on future thinking and past successes.

One of Compuspec's strengths is its ability to use technology in new and innovative ways; ways no one has thought of before.

Compuspec is currently using a number of different technologies in its products and solutions. Many of these technologies are known by acronyms like PSTN, POTS, ISDN, CDMA, or LCD. To the technically advanced, these all make perfect sense, but to laymen, the intricacies of their usefulness are less than obvious.

Compuspec has even fashioned its own technology with ZIPPY technology. By developing, patenting and then marketing a way of manipulating and monitoring digits on a phone line, Compuspec has created a technology breakthrough worthy of international acclaim.

Browse through and discover more about some of these technologies including the internationally patented ZIPPY technology.