Compuspec LED Lighting fixtures can optimise energy use by tuning its operation to the task being performed. It does this using inbuilt sensors and messages received from external devices.

For example, during forklift operation certain target light levels might be required, while for visual inspection higher levels might be appropriate and during off shift hours lower light levels might be adequate for security personnel.

Daylight Harvesting Sensors

Daylight harvesting sensors may be added to selected areas to sense ambient light levels and thereby reduce the amount of additional lighting required to supplement the available natural light.

The system uses a unique method of measuring external light (even while the LED lighting is on) so that true external lighting levels are analysed and supplemented to maintain a target lighting level. In this way, only sufficient incremental light is added to a facility to fill in for the natural lighting that is available.

This interacts with the forklift demand, so that if there is no activity only minimal light levels are provided.

Personal Beacons

Personal Transponders can be fitted to a high visibility vest and signal to the lights that there is a person in the facility. This sends a lighting demand request to provide a pool of light around the individual and also interacts with the forklift transponders to send a safety alert to the driver if that person is within close proximity to the forklift.

External Control

An optional Master Control panel may be provided to allow simple selection of differing lighting scenarios. For example, manual on (everything fully on), manual off, full auto, security mode (low level security lighting), emergency mode (low level emergency lighting mode).

The Master Control panel has control inputs that may be activated from alarm systems or external contactors that instruct the system into a selected lighting “scene”.

Emergency Lighting Beacons

A Hyperion light fitting may be used to provide emergency lighting. In this case, the emergency generator provides power to the ELB which instructs the groups (or subgroups) of lights designated as emergency luminaires into a dim mode, thus allowing them to operate from a backup generator or UPS for an adequate duration.

Wireless Bridge

An interface is available via OPC Server (Open Process Control) to interface to third party SCADA systems and Personal Computers.