The IntelliSUN troffer is a full spectrum light source delivering computer controlled daylight simulation at high efficiency and reliability. The light source is capable of being dimmed from 0 to 100% with colour temperature smoothly transitioning from 2500K to 6000K, all the while maintaining colour rendering better than 95CRI.

Integrated intelligence supports autonomous wireless interaction with other fixtures, and with its environment, providing a secure network independent of local WiFi.

Highly Efficient: > 120lm/W fixture efficacy (dependent on colour temperature & dim level).

Extremely Long Operating Life: > 60,000 hrs at 90% lumen maintenance with power supply MTBF of 700,000 hrs at 25°C.

Plug and Play: Self contained, self configuring network. No supporting cabling or infrastructure required. Provides data transport for additional sensors.

Occupancy Sensing: Integrated microwave sensor option allows adaptive lighting strategies and occupancy monitoring.

Environmental Monitoring: Optional integration with Environmental Sensors allows mapping of internal environmental quality and provides mechanisims for additional energy savings through interaction with HVAC systems.

Daylight Harvesting: System wide detection of ambient light conditions reduces amount of “fill in” lighting required.

Task Tuning: Individual (or groups) of luminaires can maintain different target light levels (and colours) to suit tasks being perform in their areas.

Zone Control: Luminaires can be grouped into zones for grouped control strategies (for example, loading bay vs aisle racking)

Addressable: Luminaries are uniquely addressable for unique control strategies (or sensor monitoring) independent of electrical wiring.

Continuous Dimming: Light level from 0-100% in 200+ steps for smooth lighting transitions. Ramp rates fully programmable.

Safe: No glass, mercury, UV or IR. No hazardous waste – recyclable.

Future Proof: Meets or exceeds DesignLights Consortium Intelligent Controls requirements 2016. Over-the-air firmware upgrades.

Optional: Germicidal Light source using violet (non-UV) light for room sterilisation.


Full spectrum throughout tuneable colour temperature range of 2500K - 6000K.

Fantastic Colour Rendering >95CRI.

Excellent Cyanosis Index (COI) < 1.0

Full range dimming 0-100%.

Zero Flicker.


Integrated autonomous wireless control allows full interaction with other fixtures to optimise energy savings and task specific lighting.

No additional control system is required.

Optional Sensing

With the correct accessory add-on, it is possible to sense any or all of the following:

  • Motion
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • CO2
  • Ambient Light (Intensity & Colour)


  • Healthcare
  • Aged Care
  • Schools
  • Quality Commercial Office
  • Indoor Sports


T-Rail or suspended.


Galvanised steel and Aluminium.

Opaque white or Prismatic Acrylic Diffuser options