Both the Panelux GEN III and Panelux JNR have these 3 mounting options, Surface Mounted,  Cavity Mounted and Flush Mounted. The Panelux GEN III can also be T-Rail mounted (for suspended ceilings).

Surface Mount

The Surface Mounted option is supplied with a bracket assembly, an optional Gear Tray is available to hold the transformer.  This bracket assembly facilitates the tilting of the the fixture in 5° increments, allowing the light to be directed where it is most needed.

The bracket has 10mm mounting holes on 170mm centres.

Cavity Mount

When Cavity Mounted, the transformer either sits on top of the cavity or inside the cavity.  With the correct cavity dimensions, the luminaire can simply be seated on top (similar to T-Rail mounting) or be screwed in place making use of the 8 mounting holes in the luminaire frame.

Flush Mount

Flush Mounting the luminaire is likely the simplest method and requires no additional hardware.  A small offset hole of 50mm for the power cable connector and air vent is all that is needed to allow for this luminaire to be flush mounted.  With the power cable feeding from the back, the light can be flush mounted on a wall or ceiling using the 8 screw holes in the frame. The mounting wall or ceiling needs a minimum of 40mm depth for the power connector.  The transformer is located either behind the wall or on top of the ceiling.

T-Rail Mount

The Panelux GEN III must be ordered with the T-Rail frame already fitted.  The installation is then simply removing an existing ceiling tile and dropping in the Panelux GEN III luminaire.  The T-Rail mount is designed to fit a 600mm x 600mm ceiling tile space.  The transformer can either sit on top in the ceiling space or (as a safer option) be tied to or sit in the cable tray holding all power cables off the ceiling tiles.