IntelliSUN - Full Spectrum Lighting

All life depends on light. The quality of light impacts the quality life

The IntelliSUN range of lighting products offer a full spectrum light source that delivers computer controlled daylight simulation at high efficiency and reliability.

The light source is capable of being dimmed from 0 to 100% with colour temperature smoothly transitioning from 2500K to 6000K, all the while maintaining colour rendering better than 95 CRI.

Integrated intelligence supports autonomous wireless interaction with other fixtures and environmental sensors, providing a secure network independent of local WiFi.

Full Spectrum Lighting

Full spectrum light for better sunlight emulation provides improved Neurophysiological impacts on human health.

Typical spectrum when tuned to 4000K, this shows how the light provides broad stimulation of different wavelengths resulting in significantly better visual acuity with in a Colour Rendering Index (CRI) of 97% and a R9 (red rendering) index of 97%.

Circadian Mode

Automatic circadian lighting mode provides tuneable lighting, changing from morning through midday, afternoon and night-time. Using the eye's photoreceptors this has been shown to help synchronise the internal body clock(s) that manage the body's temperature, blood pressure, digestive functions, alertness and sleep cycles.

Excellent Colour Rendering

The broad spectrum light source provides excellent colour rendering at all dim levels, resulting in a noticeable improvement in visual perception at all times (including when dim). Colour Rendering Index is a measure of the average colour matching of the first 8 (pastel) colours in the table. Rendering of bright red, yellow, green, blue and the skin tones are not reflected in the Ra value (R9-R15), however the IntelliSUN also renders these extremely well.

Fidelity Index and Colour Gamut are modern methods of measuring the accuracy of a light source in rendering colour. The target is to be at the "pointy end" of the diagram, with 100% colour Gamut and 100% Fidelity Index.