The Fork Truck Emitter (FTE) is a wireless radio beacon that interacts with the Hyperion lighting network to provide an enhanced pool of light around its location.

Application of the Fork Truck Emitter improves energy savings within a facility by more accurately controlling the illumination levels demanded.


The FTE "requests" a target light level for its operator task from the lighting network. Any lights within the local area will respond by adjusted their light levels to the demand request.

Any number of FTE's can be deployed in a facility, where light levels will be maintained around each one, regardless of whether it is static or in motion.


Distribution Centres, Industrial Aisle Lighting, Under Canopy, Coolstores, General Industrial Lighting.


Doubled sided tape to underside of fork truck cage.

No configuration required. Plug and play. Red Indicator shows correct operation.

Over-the-air reprogrammable.

The FTE is connected to the fork truck through a waterproof circular connector and a 1.2m cable provided. (Yellow = +ve, White = -ve, Black NC).

The FTE should be wired to an accessory supply that is enabled when the fork truck is in operation. When powered is applied, it will emit lighting requests to the Hyperion network in order to maintain a pool of enhanced light around the fork truck.

Additional Savings

The FTE not only enhances, but improves lighting quality, in the already impressive Hyperion lighting system. This is because the emitters allow preemptive illumination within an area and rapid reduction in lighting levels when activity ceases. This translates into a 6% reduction in energy use over tuned PIR occupancy sensors and a 43% energy saving over "dumb" LED lighting.

RF Beacon:

RF Band:   ISM 2.405 - 2.48GHz Band
RF Standard:   IEEE 802.15.4
RF Power Level:   0dBm max.
Effective Range:   1,000m

Power Supply:

Input Voltage:   8V - 60V DC
Input Power:   0.3W
Protection:   Over voltage (82V) and reverse voltage protection
Connections:   Yellow: +ve
White: -ve (or GND)
Black: NC
Connector:   LTW/Holin Type B 3 pin


Surge Protection:   Varistor 1.2kA 28J
Ambient Temp.:   -40°C to 50°C
Size:   115 x 65 x 41mm
Weight:   150g 
Rating:   IP65
Material:   Polycarbonate